Astrid Pazmino

A New Yorker from birth and at heart, Astrid Voxx honed her skills in Miami Beach High's Rock Ensemble then with the University of Miami's Honor Choir. Learning drums and guitar was inevitable and would FOREVER be a part of her musical arsenal. Her talent and experience has won her opportunities to sing on tour with Jimmy Buffet, appear on Star Search, write a video for an 80's dance hit-"Serious", act on Primal Rage, Any Given Sunday, Death Match, Miami Vice and do cartoon voices for PBS and national radio commercials. 

Creating The Bango Bangos was always a "childhood dream" of Astrid's. When her daughter informed her that The GoGo's had played their last show, she knew it was time to make her dream a reality!  She blended the names of The Bangles and the GoGo's together and voila!...The Bango Bango's! After rehearsing with Ida and Roxy just a few times, Astrid realized that her AMAZING concept had come to fruition: the first ALL FEMALE TRIBUTE to The GoGo's and The Bangles! 


Roxana's fire for music pushed her to teach herself the  guitar and piano from an early age.                                                     

She has been a record producer and a sound engineer for The Bango Bango's! and many others. A number of her tracks have been on WNYR RADIO- New York City, KSPR POWER XR-San Francisco, Pandora as well as in the film and tv industry both here and in Brazil.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Playing with The Bango Bango's has awakened Roxana's passion for playing music from the 80's with an emphasis on the "GIRL POWER" craze of The GoGo's, The Bangles and other fun, female party rock bands.                                                                           
Performing in the Bango Bango's  has allowed Roxana to  fulfill a childhood dream of playing in an all female rock band.  Roxy, we're elated to have you!

Ida Safirstein Lang

Ida has been involved in music since high school. She sang lead , back up, and was also the bassist for the MIAMI BEACH HIGH ROCK ENSEMBLE where she played with Astrid.  

Ida continued playing bass at the University of Florida at frat parties and then in Miami for several years  after graduation until she got married. She is an ardent classic rock music lover. Malmsteen, Rush and Extreme are her favorites. 

"My favorite thing about performing music with The Bango Bango's  is when we all come to practice, after we've just learned a song and we nail it (even the harmonies) the first time... it's an awesome feeling."  

Lana Wise

Born and raised in NJ, Lana was immersed in music from the very beginning. She was always in an orchestra or a choir, and taught herself guitar at a young age. Lana was an All-State vocalist throughout high school and has a BA in Music & Sound Recording. In college she taught herself saxophone, and tried to have as many different and diverse musical experiences as possible. She even has photography credits in the Average White Band’s album “Times Squared”. More recently she has been lucky enough to share the stage with  various award-winning blues artists and enjoys frequently attending open jams. 

alexi go-go

At the tender age of 7, Alexi was asked to audition for a radio commercial and earned her spot as one of the voices to several Toyota and AutoNation commercials giving her the first taste of being a professional musician! Alexi not only is one of the band’s lead singers, she also plays strong percussion, adding a funky groove to the band’s repertoire! Her enthusiasm and professionalism are the perfect topping to this talented group of women!

Karla Soto