Astrid Voxx

Vocals / Drums


A New Yorker from birth and at heart, Astrid Voxx honed her skills in Miami Beach High's Rock Ensemble then University of Miami's honor choir plus nailing auditions to a myriad of diverse local bands, giving her that well rounded ability to sing almost ANYTHING!

Learning drums and guitar was inevitable and would FOREVER be a part of her musical arsenal. Her talent and experience has won her opportunities to sing on tour with Jimmy Buffet, appeared on Star Search, wrote a video for an 80's dance hit-"Serious", acted on Primal Rage, Any Given Sunday, Death Match, Miami Vice and does cartoon voices for PBS and national radio commercials.

Creating The Bango Bangos has been a "childhood dream" of hers so when her daughter informed her that The GoGo's played their last show, she knew the time was right to make her dream a reality! She blended the names of The Bangles and The GoGo's together and voila!...The Bango Bango's! After rehearsing with Ida, Roxy and Cindy, her AMAZING concept came to fruition, The first ALL FEMALE TRIBUTE to The GoGo's and The Bangles in South Florida!

Personal tidbits about Astrid are:

  • Her fondest childhood memory is going to Disney and using her hairbrush as a microphone!
  • Most prized possession is a tie between her Takamine guitar and her Vistalite drums. Her family is tops too!
  • Favorite color is cobalt blue but her closet says BLACK!
  • Dream vacation would be Hawaii of course although Paris and Madrid are AMAZING and she speaks French and Spanish so no problem there!
  • Spiritual fulfillment is what attracts her to performing!
  • The Elvis Costello remake of "Doll Revolution" would be her FAVE song by The Bangles and "Unforgiven" would be her FAVE track by The GoGo's! This band does them both so it's TOTALLY TUBULAR!