Cynthia Bromund



Cindy hails from Chicago but has called South Florida home for over 20 years. During baseball season you'll spot her wearing her PRIZED CUBS hat and if reading her social media posts, encouraging her team to WIN WIN WIN! She has honed her skills by singing for our troops in South Korea with numerous bands under the MWR/DOD program! Thanks for your service Cindy!

Being a part of The Bango Bango's realizes her favorite era, which is the 80's. When asked what her fave time period was, she happily exclaims, " I am a child of the 80's and she puts her 25 years of singing experience to the test with this group but she's also open to other eras too because..... well, she can sing and is having a blast with her musical sisters!

Being a cancer survior has given her an IMMENSE perspective on life's beauty and frailty so for that reason she is passionate about animals and finds ANY reason to help them out!

Practicing what she preaches, she owns 6 cats that she has taken in from the cruel outside; She calls them her fur babies and I'm sure they're glad they have found Cindy to love them, lucky cats! Rescuing isn't enough for her, she also volunteers to join animal walk a thons to inspire awareness for her 2 causes-cancer awareness and animal causes too, The inner beauty resonates powerfully with this talented lady and she's not bad to look at either!

Some insights about Cindy:

  • Recalling her mom going on school field trips brings back fond memories because her mom endured chemo but found the strength and time to be there for her daughter! The EPITOME of female power!
  • A painting her father did before his passing is her favorite possession according to Cindy.
  • Like most musicians, black is her go to color and it looks great on her too!
  • Being in an all female fab 4 band is quite ironic because her favorite vacation spot would be Liverpool, home to her fave all guy band,The Beatles! Could it be coincidence that she sings with us? Hmmm?
  • Cindy has had her share of adversity so she is grateful to do what she loves and singing is one of them! Lucky us!
  • "In Your Room" would be her fave Bangles song cuz she REALLY gets into that rockin song!
  • "Head Over Heels" is one the GoGo's hits that she loves and it has been used in tv commercials, and movies! Cha Ching!