Ida Lang

Bass / Vocals


Ida Safirstein Lang has been involved in music since her rock band in high school. She sang Lead , back up and was also the bassist for the MIAMI BEACH HIGH ROCK ENSEMBLE.  Ida and Astrid were in this band together.

IDA continued playing bass at the University of Florida at frat parties and then after graduation in Miami for several years until she  married. She is an Ardent classic rock music lover. YJM, Rush and Extreme are her favorites. Ida plays two different basses - a Fender Mustang and a vintage Kramer Spector.

Personal anecdotes:

  • My fondest childhood memory is lining up 30 Barbra Streisand albums on my carpet in my bedroom and singing for hours and hours and hours.
  • My most prized possession nothing material!  My children and my husband  - thats it !!! There's absolutely nothing that I value as much as them.
  • My favorite color is Royal Blue - second favorite Navy Blue. My dream vacation would be the WORLD'S LARGEST POOL, located in Chile. Google it, it's incredible AND HUGE !!!!!
  • My favorite thing about performing music with the girls is when we all come to practice,  after we've just learned a song and we nail it the first time, even the harmonies. It's an awesome feeling.
  • My favorite song from The Bangles or Go-Go's is actually a not-so-popular one from The Bangles called  BE WITH YOU. It has a really great bass beat. Very catchy !!!!