Roxana Camacho

Guitar / Vocals


Born of Peruvian parents who didn't support her love of music, Roxana's fire for music pushed her to self teach guitar and piano. She also uses her computer science degree to wear the hat of record producer, and sound engineer which helps her record music for many projects especially The Bango Bango's!

Her aptitude for recording and writing has resulted in many of her tracks placed on WNYR RADIO - New York City, KSPR POWER XR-San Francisco and Pandora as well as in the film and tv industry here and in Brazil.

Playing in The Bango Bango's has awoken her passion to play nostalgic music of the 80's with an emphasis on the "GIRL POWER" craze of The GoGo's and The Bangles and other fun, party rock music! Roxy says " life is short and that now I'm in the right place with this band"! She feels a sense of fulfillment realizing a childhood dream to play in an ALL FEMALE rock band...and we're ELATED to have her!

Personal anecdotes:

  • One fond childhood memory is telling her parents she wanted to play guitar and piano to help the world!
  • Her most prized possession is her Randy Rhoads guitar and spiritually- her dignity and respect for God.
  • Purple is her go to color but some may say she looks GREAT in hot pink too!
  • Dream vacation would be Switzerland, Austria or Greece although with life's pressures, her pillow seems good enough!
  • Making people smile and seeing them enjoy music, while singing and dancing enriches Roxy's soul and makes the tough parts worth while!
  • Asking her which Bangles song is her fave ? EASY, Walk Like an Egyptian, why? Fun groove, easy to dance and sing to! Agreed!
  • Speaking of needing a vacation, well that's her fave GoGo's song too, so let's get her on a plane to Europe soon!